What People Have Experienced

Misty Y.

Marianne B.

Pastel Swirl

Yolanda D.

“ When I first saw Julie, I had to walk with a cane due to severe sciatic nerve pain. After my very first session with the Himalayan Singing Bowls, I walked out without using the cane and have not needed it since.

Julie’s sessions have also healed my mind and soul and I am so grateful to my friends who encouraged me to go.”

Pastel Swirl

“The Singing Bowl session was wonderful and beautiful; Julie is a great healer.


I want to do another session very soon.


That ‘ironing’ with the bowl was unbelievable.”

Pastel Swirl

“If you have pain, stress or trauma, Julie and Himalayan Harmonious Healing are for you.

My husband had severe nerve pain in his leg and was told by doctors that the only hope for relief was surgery.

They were wrong! After 5 sessions with Julie his pain is gone.”